The broad view


Seven Sisters


Margraten War Cemetery

After 70 years there are still lots of fresh flowers and plenty of visitors everyday.

Still the eternal city

PiazzaNavona The funny thing about Rome is, everything is within walking distance. Of course it also means you’re feet will be wasted after a day site seeing in rome

Turn right and keep walking

Venetianquay2On you’re first vist, you must follow the crowd to the San Marco Square and Rialto Bridge. But the next visit, turn right and keep walking. Who cares where you end up and when youre feet hurt just catch the first Vaperetto back.

Aggstein, Danube valley

aggstein2There are of lot of nice places to visit in Lower Austria. Only a small roadsign leads to this castle high up for great views.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

It’s free, it’s easy, it’s good for you’re health and the view is magnificent. So actually there no reason not walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Seek out a nice day, pack you’re camera and do it . It was build in 1883 and it crosses de East river and connects Brooklyn with Lower- Manhattan and the rest you’ll have to look up in Wikipedia yourself.

Take the Rockefeller Center instead

The trick is, that if you’re on the Empire State Building you can’t see   the Empire State Building. And The Empire State Building is just one   those New York icons. When you’ll see it, you’ll know you’re in New   York. But there are more advantages. Less queue is one and for those  in the  know. the Rockefeller Centre is an Art Deco marvel. You’ll walk   jawdropped though the halls